It has provided me with an possibility to investigate a broad array of topics that have expanded my understanding and made me think about the pre-existing theories.

I can examine different fields and focus on areas that are interesting to me. It aims to look into how the vectors of gender, race, sexuality, class, etc shape the production-consumption and dissemination of culture and media. essays It offers us fast and immediate solutions to our problems , without the threat of making any more mistakes. He was certain that he had the authority to select whomever he wanted to be the church’s leaders of the East. This is enhanced by the possibility of being tutored by historians who are practicing. The encoding/decoding theory, commonly referred to in the field of Reception Theory is a landmark theory within CS that was developed by Hall first in 1973, using the example of television.

It offers a direction that can allow us to make advancement and growth. The most significant of them were the bishops of Constantinople also often referred to by the name of patriarch. I chose to study the field of history because I am passionate about it. Hall believed that the theory of communication, which is linear, was inaccurate since messages in media contain meanings that could be perceived (decoded) by the audience differently according to their sociocultural background and experience. It also motivates us to take on new challenges and surpass the achievements of famous people from the past. In the midst of increasing pressure, aided by the support of the emperors and patriarchs, patriarchs challenged popes on a range of issues over the next several centuries. It has provided me with an possibility to investigate a broad array of topics that have expanded my understanding and made me think about the pre-existing theories.

According to him, based on this, viewers would come to a decision based on three possible readings – the predominant (or preferred) reading in which people interpret messages as the creator intended them to; read that is negotiated, where there is a mix of embracing some of the intended meanings but also incorporating the meanings they prefer; and the third, the oppositional reading in which the audience rejects the meanings they are aiming for and formulate their own according to their experiences. Without history, we’ll be more likely to make mistakes and lose a lot of money. However, neither the patriarch or the pope was willing to compromise. It is an interesting subject since the past is always shifting, awaiting to see a fresh perspective and an opinion to transform the academic world. There are a variety of different notions and ideas that have been developed and elaborated on in the work of CS thinkers. There are some sayings that are something to do with the subject of history and some of them include: "history repeats itself" and the most well-known statement that nearly everyone has heard has to be "I learned from my mistakes in the past".

Ten years later, the issue got so bad that the pope ordered that the patriarch be excommunicated. My main reason for choosing UWA was because it offered variety, and gave me the opportunity to try diverse fields of study while completing my chosen fields. Some of the most significant ideas and research areas include representational issues identity, subcultures, power and hegemony. When it comes to understanding how changes occurred and the way in which our society evolved, understanding the history of our society is an important resource. "The past creates the present, which in turn creates the future. This means that the pope no more believed in the patriarch’s status as a Christian and also did not acknowledge as having authority over Eastern churches. One of my favorite aspects of attending UWA is the atmosphere that my studies take place both physically and academically.

Ideology in this context is to be considered as "commonly used maps of meaning which, though they claim to be universally true, are specifically based on historical understandings that conceal and sustain the power of the individual" (Barker, 2007). It is through studying history that we comprehend how things change and only through time can we comprehend the causes of changes, and only through studying history can we discover what aspects of an institution or a community endure despite change". (Stearns,2009) History studies aids in understanding our morality. The pope took this action by having his messengers put the excommunication notice on the podium of the patriarch in Constantinople as the patriarch was preaching from the pulpit! Hegemony is a term that was first proposed in the works of the philosopher Antoni Gramsci. In addition, the staff is helpful and welcoming.

The resultant split was known in The Great Schism because it divided the Church into two sections one of which was the Catholic portion which was led by the pope, and the other one led by the patriarch. When we study the stories of people and the events of the past, it is clear that our morality is being examined. Hegemony is defined as the ways that dominant groups maintain their social power over minorities through the production and maintenance of the norms and beliefs that legitimately defended their authority. You might have an interest in one of these classes. The latter group called itself Orthodox which comes coming from the Greek term orthos , which refers to straight, or straight and doxa which means opinion, as they believed they were the first and proper Church.

This is also true for our personal identity. Conclusion: The Protestant Reformation. Study Abroad, Student Exchange & Study Abroad. The area of cultural studies is huge and has become increasingly important across the world. It also assists in providing the identity of our family; it has been established by historical records. When the Renaissance began at the beginning of Europe around the year 14th Century in the 14th century, Europe’s Catholic Church was financially broken.

Eberhard-Karls University, Tubingen. There are many associations, research centers, and journals that focus on cultural studies that are present across the globe and numerous international conferences. It is important to note that it is important to study history as it can help us to understand. The Crusades was a string of battles fought throughout the Middle East to recapture Jerusalem as well as the Church’s involvement in Renaissance arts, led to the Church in debt.

Sungkyunkwan University. is crucial to the individual as well as society, as it has beauty. Cultural studies are of paramount importance. is now more important than ever since the globe is experiencing a series of changes, whether they is political, social or ecological, culture practice and mass media definitely playing a significant part. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In order to pay for its expenses the Church began to sell indulgences, pieces of paper that repaid a person for previous sins.

Wherever we go, whatever aspect of our lives there’s always a history.

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